Lisa Benmore
Front-End Web Developer

Initially, I was tasked with working on prototyping new ad formats using HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript in order to move away from ad units being built using Adobe Flash technology. From there, I began working with various ad-serving platforms in order to create ads built for their platforms utilizing their API services. This campaign work has continued to be a large part of my day-to-day tasks. After becoming Senior Developer in late 2016, I began focusing largely on internal projects including a workflow tool utilizing a good amount of JavaScript (including Angular 1) and PHP as well as a website for housing documentation, newsletters and articles, FAQs, and a showcase for our work. For the latter, I built out multiple features from scratch including a CMS, menu filtering system, and search feature. All campaign work and internal projects are now using a library I began writing to compile frequently-used functions and utilities.

I helped maintain products and product structure in an e-commerce site driven by Magento. This involved product input and categorization. I also made small style and layout updates as well as assisted with photo touch-ups for the product shots.

For multiple clients, I performed services including from photo manipulation, website layout design, pre-existing website code updates, comp-to-prototype website production, plugin configuration, and custom layout modification.


The courses included fundamental studies in graphic design, audio editing, video editing, and motion graphics as well as the core curriculum of introduction to computer science, UI/UX, JavaScript development, server-side language and rendering, and database hierarchy, configuration, maintenance, and querying.


I began writing HTML in 4.01 but primarily write in HTML5 now. I'm well-versed in the semantic tags as well as the newer media tags.

Though I have written in CSS 2.1 for email templates, I primarily write in CSS3. I'm comfortable using pseudo elements and classes, creating transitions and animations, and using both 2D and 3D effects.

When I first wrote JavaScript, it was still ECMAScript 5, and I've continued to write a large amount either in ES5 or with ES5 fallbacks. I'm still becoming more familiar with ES6, but I'm familiar with the many of the more prominent new features and am comfortable writing in it.

I have written a few custom APIs as well as basic frameworks and some utilities in PHP. I currently work in a PHP 7 development environment.

After configuring databases on the server, I've used MySQL in PHP in order to query tables to insert, select, or delete data either as part of content or for authentication or other user-management tasks.

The software I've primarily used includes Atom and Sublime as local IDEs, ShiftEdit as a cloud IDE, Google Chrome Browser and DevTools for testing and debugging, and FileZilla and Cyberduck for server file transfers.

Software that I've also used a great deal includes the Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, and Dreamweaver), Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook), and Slack.