Lisa Benmore

front-end web developer

Who I Am

Hello, world.

I'm a web developer (not to be confused with "designer" which I am no good at being) currently residing in West Los Angeles, CA.

In 2014, I graduated from the Art Institute of California - Los Angeles with a BS in Web Design & Interactive Media.

Since then, I've worked full-time as an Interactive Developer in Playa Vista, CA.

I've been the Senior Interactive Developer for my team since 2016.

My focus has been on front-end development, but I've also created/worked on server-side scripts.

The projects below are side-projects I'm working on or ports from CodePens I've done in my spare time.

I have a dog. I like my dog.

Winter is coming here.

Check out the résumé here. It's super grey.

Where to Find Me